Winners 2019

Marissa de Boer (UvA), Jill Coster van Voorhout (UvA) and Bernadette de Bakker (Amsterdam UMC) together with their teams are the winners of the Innovation Award 2019. The three researches receive 7.500 euro each to further develop their idea and bring it to the market.


In the category Alpha/ Gamma, the research team of Jill Coster van Voorhout of the UvA received the Award for their innovation of combining various research methods to trace criminal money in bank data. With this innovation, tracking down crimes like human trafficking, money laundering and corruption becomes more effective and secure.


In the category Beta, the Award was allocated to the “SusPhos process”, this research addresses the phosphate issue. The research team of Marissa de Boer of the UvA is developing technology that aims to generate a circular phosphate economy by processing phosphate-containing waste into high quality products such as fertilizer and fire retardants.


In the category Life Sciences, team of Bernadette de Bakker of Amsterdam UMC won the Award with 3D printed models of embryo’s. The embryo models that are currently used in medical education are outdated, with the customized 3D embryo models, doctors and midwives can better recognize birth defects.