AmSIA alumni stories

Where are past finalists now?

We have interviewed past finalists and winners of the Amsterdam Science & Innovation award. Watch their stories to see how the Amsterdam Science & Innovation Award has supported their entrepreneurial journey.

Maaike van Rest VU: understanding children’s perceptions

Maaike van Rest was a finalist in 2014. She registered with the idea for a diagnostic instrument that identifies the strengths and weaknesses of social information processing of children.

Nathalie de Vent UvA: improving neuropsychological diagnostics

In 2017, Nathalie de Vent won the award with the idea for a new online infrastructure for the improvement of neuropsychological diagnostics to test whether patients have a brain disease.

Jonathan Coutinho & Wouter Potters Amsterdam UMC: identifying stroke patients in ambulances

In 2018, Jonathan Coutinho and Wouter Potters winners won the award with the idea to measure the severity of the situation of a stroke patient in the ambulance with a mobile scanner.

Bram Schermers NKI:  improving breast cancer treatment

In 2016, Bram Schermers won the award with the idea for a magnetic localization technology that helps surgeons find the right tissue during surgery for breast cancer treatment.

Chris Slootweg UvA & Marissa de Boer: creating a circular phosphate economy

In 2019, the research team of Chris Slootweg and Marissa de Boer won the award with the idea to recover phosphate waste as a resource and convert it into high value products.