Meet the nine finalists of the Innovation Award 2023!

October 17, 2023

We are happy to announce the nine finalists of the Amsterdam Science & Innovation Award 2023! Expect big ideas about today’s biggest challenges!

During the festive finale, the nine finalists will pitch their innovative ideas and solutions to the jury and audience. The three inspiring winners each receive € 10,000 to further develop their idea. Please register here for attending the finale (also online) on 21 November 2023 at NEMO Science Museum.

Category Health:

  • Zeliha Guler | Amsterdam UMC | Development of a novel wound-healing implant with localized estradiol delivery.
  • Job Calis and Mark Hoogendoorn| Amsterdam UMC and VU | IMPALA: Innovative Monitoring system for PAediatrics in Low-resource settings: an Aid to save lives.
  • Mădălina Rîurean | VU | Madglove – helping people get a grasp on spasticity.

Category Society

  • Pepijn van Rutten | VU| Respira: a laughing gas breath sensor to reduce accidents on the road
  • Matteo Mazzanti | UvA | Novel quantum logic gates architecture with trapped ions and optical tweezers
  • Barbara Braams | VU| The big Hoe?Zo! Show questions book a book to involve children in science and teach them scientific skills

Category Environment & Climate:

  • Olivier Lugier | UvA | Green synthesis of hybrid core-shell nanoparticles (Nano Hybrids)
  • Lukas Helmbrecht | UvA and AMOLF | LumetalliX – spray and make lead light up!
  • Riccardo Bonazza | HvA | MatSwap – use your mattress to the fullest