Winners Innovation Award 2021

Amsterdam Science & Innovation Awards 2021 for digital urine scale, nano foil and dyslexia game for children

The winners of Innovation Award 2021 are Tom Brouwer (Amsterdam UMC), Arnon Lesage (UvA) and Desi Bootsman (AUAS) Each of them received 10,000 euros to further develop their idea and bring it to market.

Tom Brouwer won in the category Health with Flowsure, an automated urine production monitor that indicates real-time how much a patient urinates, a vital indicator of the patient’s condition.

In the category Society, the award went to Desi Bootsman (AUAS) for Mazehunter, a game with which children with dyslexia learn by playing.

Arnon Lesage received the prize in the category Environment & Climate for SolarFoil: a new type of nano foil that converts sunlight into optimal light for more efficient agriculture and horticulture.

The jury of the fifteenth edition of the Innovation Awards was chaired by Gigi Wang, an entrepreneurial specialist and affiliated with Berkeley University. She also had a call for the young scientists: ‘To make your idea profitable, it is also very important to think carefully about the innovation of your business model. How do you bring it to market?’