Why participate

Benefits of participating in the AmSIA

  • Participating in the Innovation Award is an experience that will give all applicants admitted to the competition a lot of benefits:
  • you take the step to turn your idea into reality
  • you get professional feedback and support from IXA
  • you learn how to present your idea; selected pre-finalists will get a pitch video
  • upon becoming a finalist, you will get a pitch training to strengthen your pitch for presenting your idea to a professional jury
  • you will get public exposure for your idea
  • you will have great networking opportunities

They preceded you

Over 650 researchers, staff and students have preceded you by participating in the Innovation Award. Many of these ideas have led to concrete applications and even formed the basis for new companies. By signing up for the innovation award, you can explore the potential of your own idea, while getting professional support along the way!

Develop your idea into a concrete proposition

Participating in AmSIA really helped to formulate the idea into a full proposal and learn how to write and think about it in a business way and not in a research idea.

Attract more funding & support

When participants reach the finals of the Award, they will receive a professional pitch training and a stage for their idea. This helped participants attracting more funding and support. The three winners of the Innovation Award will each receive €10.000 to give their idea a kick-start in making a difference.