Innovation Award

Bringing science outside universities and into the world

The Amsterdam Science & Innovation Award (AmSIA) is the competition for innovative ideas with a societal and/or commercial impact.

It is an annual competition for the best applicable innovation resulting from Amsterdam research. The feasibility of the idea and the social benefit play an important role in the jury assessment. The competition is open to all researchers, staff and students in all disciplines from all Amsterdam universities, universities of applied sciences, academic hospitals and public research centers. AmSIA supports participants to turn their ideas into reality.

”Of course it was an honor to be the first Psychologist to win the AmSIA and it greatly contributed to our work, but more importantly the prize has helped attract more funding and support. Apart from winning, the prize has helped stress the importance of what we’re doing”
– Nathalie de Vent, winner Innovation Award 2017

During the festive finale of the Amsterdam Science & Innovation Award 2019, the jury, led by GiGi Wang chose three winners of the nine finalists in the categories Alpha/ Gamma, Beta and Life Sciences.

“The Netherlands has a history of science and innovation resulting in innovations in the areas of IT, healthcare, sustainability, foodtech, and more.  I’m thrilled to be reviewing leading edge innovations from Amsterdam universities and organizations with other jury members to select the 2019 Amsterdam Science Innovation Award winner.”
– Gigi Wang, chair of jury 2019