Innovation Award

AmSIA – the competition for research based innovative ideas and impactful innovations, is organised by IXA for researchers and students in Amsterdam. Take your research based idea outside of your university and into the world!

The Innovation Award is the Amsterdam competition for research based innovative ideas that contribute to a better world. It is open to ideas from all research disciplines: from aviation, engineering and maths, to the red and green life sciences, to the arts, humanities and social sciences. Three prizes of each € 10.000 will be awarded to the best idea within the categories of: Society, Health, and Environment & Climate. The categories are based on the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

Each edition of the AmSIA, participants get professional feedback on both their idea/application and its possible feasibility. Upon registering for the competition, prospective participants can take part in a guided workshop that helps them to improve their application. Selected finalists will get a promotional video and pitch training. They will share their innovation with the public during the awards finale and via media coverage. The prize money of  €10.000 is meant for developing their idea towards an application.

For whom
The competition is open to researchers, PhD’s, staff and students from all Amsterdam universities, universities of applied sciences, university medical centers and research insitutes. It is open to ideas from all research disciplines and areas.

Find inspiration within the diversity of topics and research areas
The Amsterdam Science & Innovation award is an inclusive competition. Find inspiring examples amongst past winners and former editions of AmSIA.

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