Erwin Peterman and Gijs Wuite

Erwin Peterman, professor of Physics and Living Systems, and Gijs Wuite, professor of Physics and Life Processes, both work at the Vrije Universiteit van Amsterdam. They can map the smallest details of cellular processes by using their instruments such as the optical tweezers and fluorescence microscope.

Peterman and Wuite succeeded in commercializing their high-quality equipment for fundamental research. This formed the foundation for the spin-off LUMICKS, which could call itself the market leader in high-tech measuring instruments for dynamic single-molecule analysis. The social and economic impact that is achieved because of these measuring instruments is enormous. The instruments enable research groups worldwide to gain a better understanding of how diseases develop and can be prevented. Peterman and Wuite deserve recognition for their vision, ideas and close collaboration with LUMICKS. They turn research into high-tech measuring instruments.

Foto credits: Anne Reitsma
Film maker: Caren Huygelen