Previous Impact Awards

Since 2018 the Impact Award has been awarded to researchers who accomplished an important contribution to society with their research and impressive innovations.
The following researchers received the Impact Award:


Halleh Ghorashi (VU) conducts research on refugees and diversity. Her research focuses mainly on the stories of refugees and migrants. Aiding to the changing perspective of policy makers.

Hergen Spits (UvA and Amsterdam UMC) conducts scientific research into B cells. These are the cells in the human body that make antibodies. Which supports the recovery of patients with a virus infection or cancer.

Jeroen Kluck (HvA) conducts research into climate adaptation in cities. His research results leading to municipalities bringing it to practice to create more climate-resilient cities.


Erwin Peterman (VU), professor of Physics and Living Systems, and Gijs Wuite (VU), professor of Physics and Life Processes received the award for commercializing their high-quality optical tweezers and fluorescence microscope for fundamental research, aiding cell research.

Jaap Bonjer (Amsterdam UMC), professor of surgery, received the award for the establishment of the Amsterdam Skills Center for Health Sciences (ASC), that aids surgical training.

Roeland van Geuns (HvA), Professor of Poverty Interventions, received the Award for his research on poverty and debt issues. Van Geuns has managed to make a difference to people who live from day to day.


Erik Scherder (VU), professor Clinical Neuropsychology, received an Impact Award for his important contribution in bringing knowledge about the brain to a wider audience. With his love for the brain and the patient he has meant a lot for al lot of people; for young people with severe injuries to seniors with a cerebral infarction or dementia.

Marcel van Herk (Netherlands Cancer Institute), professor of Radiotherapy Physics, received an Impact Award for his important contribution to the development of image guided radiation therapy. The accuracy of radiotherapy has improved considerably, saving countless lives or prolonging them.