Dick den Hertog

Category Society: Dick den Hertog, professor of Operations Research at the University of Amsterdam, shows that mathematical optimization can provide solutions for a wide variety of societal problems. Whether it concerns optimization of the dike heights in the Netherlands, the locations of hospitals in countries such as Timor-Leste and Vietnam or the food chains of the World Food Programme (for which he developed the innovative Optimus model). Text continues under the video >>


Dick den Hertog now works for The Ocean Cleanup on optimizing the sailing strategy to fish as much plastic as possible from the ocean in a certain time. “It often concerns problems where you can make many possible decisions. Checking all the possibilities with the computer takes a very long time. But with smart mathematical techniques you can find the best one within a few minutes.” That is why Den Hertog has now founded the Analytics for a Better World Institute. To ensure that research results are really used and actually have an impact.

Film maker: Caren Huygelen