Honouring researchers through artistic interpretation

As a special present for the Impact Award recipients, renowned researchers Guus van Dongen, Dick den Hertog and Toby Kiers have been photographed by Lars van den Brink. Through his artistic eye, a combination of a portrait and outlook on the impactful research have been created.

For Guus van Dongen, the photograph doubles up on the concept of research enabling us to see inside the body, and Guus’ himself as the force behind the establishment of the Amsterdam UMC Imaging Center, looking into his very own lab where he worked on his innovations for most of his time.

Dick den Hertog, founder of the Analytics for a Better World Institute of the UvA, uses mathematical optimization to provide solutions for societal problems globally. The photograph simultaneously emphasizes the universal scope behind mathematics as its real global impact through various applications.

The photograph captures evolutionary biologist Toby Kiers in an atmosphere of light while researching fungi in underground ecosystems. Drawing upon all sorts of associations around light, the image stands for how more knowledge about fungi plays a major role in achieving the climate goals and maintaining healthy ecosystems.

All photographs are by Lars van den Brink.