Finalists 2023

We are happy to announce the nine finalists of the Amsterdam Science & Innovation Award 2023!

An expert jury, led by Ruben Brave, and the public selected nine finalists, three in each category: Society, Health, and Environment & Climate. These finalists offer innovative solutions for a wide range of societal issues.

Here are the finalists:

Category Health:

  • Zeliha Guler | Amsterdam UMC | Development of a novel wound-healing implant with localized estradiol delivery.
  • Job Calis and Mark Hoogendoorn | Amsterdam UMC | IMPALA: Innovative Monitoring system for PAediatrics in Low-resource settings: an Aid to save lives.
  • Mădălina Rîurean | VU | Madglove – helping people get a grasp on spasticity.

Category Society

  • Pepijn van Rutten | VU | Respira: a laughing gas breath sensor to reduce accidents on the road
  • Matteo Mazzanti / Liam Bond | UvA | Novel quantum logic gates architecture with trapped ions and optical tweezers
  • Barbara Braams | VU | The big Hoe?Zo! Show questions book a book to involve children in science and teach them scientific skills

Category Environment & Climate: