Tom Brouwer (Amsterdam UMC): Flowsure

Tom Brouwer (Amsterdam UMC): Flowsure: A digital hanging scale to continuously measure, store and present urine production

Patients are monitored by checking vital parameters such as heart rate, but also the continuous urine output, the Diuresis. In practice, it is often not possible to register diuresis properly because it involves many actions for the busy nursing staff.

Flowsure automates this process. By weighing, registering and presenting urine production on a screen, it is always immediately clear how much the patient has urinated in the last hour, the last 24 hours and since the start of the recording. Flowsure is simple, reusable, the battery lasts a week and its parts cost less than 100 euros.

If Flowsure wins the Amsterdam Science and Innovation Awards, we will use the prize money to make an improved version and test Flowsure in practice.

The aim is for Flowsure to be under every bed to improve patient safety and relieve nurses.