Tara Donker (VU): An evidence-based AR app for phobia Treatment

Tara Donker (VU): Getting rid of your fear without getting up from your couch: An evidence-based AR app for phobia Treatment

Globally, access to good, evidence-based, mental health treatment is strained because of a lack of qualified therapists and high treatment cost. Only 1% of people suffering from a specific phobia currently receive treatment. What if we can develop evidence-based treatment that people can follow themselves, in their own time, using only their smartphone? This is in fact reality, augmented reality to be precise. My solution is a scalable, effective and low-cost treatment for fear of spiders using state-of-the-art augmented reality technology.

My ambition is to provide evidence-based mental healthcare that is accessible and affordable for everyone for all psychological  disorders. I want to show that premium health care and affordable health care are not mutually exclusive terms but that they are within reach of everyone with a smartphone.