Przemek Krawczyk (Amsterdam UMC): FiglinQ

Przemek Krawczyk (Amsterdam UMC): FiglinQ – a collaborative platform for data analysis, plotting and publishing in data-connected smart manuscripts

We know that over 3 million scientific articles are published each year, but the amount of related research data is so large that it cannot even be estimated. Unfortunately, even though these data are extremely valuable, most cannot be found, accessed or reused by other scientists. This leads to some truly disastrous consequences: up to 80% of research data disappears within 20 years, never to be recovered. This costs a lot of money – over 25 billion euro each year in the EU alone!

To help in solving the global research data emergency, we developed a collaborative online platform, called FiglinQ. FiglinQ enables scientists to process and visualize data in interactive, dynamic charts that can be published in so-called smart manuscripts. Such smart manuscripts are automatically and permanently linked to the underlying data. This way, other scientists and computer algorithms can find, access, explore and reuse the data.

In the long term, FiglinQ will not only enable large-scale data reuse, but also promote open, reproducible science, and all their benefits for research and humanity.