Liz van de Riet (Amsterdam UMC): The Jeroen Pit Huis

Liz van de Riet (Amsterdam UMC): The Jeroen Pit Huis: innovation of hospital2home transition for children and families with medical complexities

We build ‘Het Jeroen Pit Huis’: a unique Transitional Care Unit, that will bridge the gap between hospital and home for families
of children with severe life-long diseases.

This is an urgent medical need: the group of chronically ill children is expanding. Their massive medical consumption, including prolonged hospital admissions, interferes greatly with family functioning and strains hospital resources. This inspired us to innovate the transition of care from hospital to home. Our mission is to empower families to take care of their child themselves.

Through a private-public partnership, we established the Amsterdam Transitional Care Unit, where an interdisciplinary nurse-led team teaches parents to master the complex care needs, while they stay with their child. Within a national scientific consortium,
which includes academics, GPs and families, we develop an evidence-and value-based healthcare model with digital monitoring tools.

Our vision for the future is to roll out our transitional care unit to other sites in the Netherlands, to help many more children with severe life-long diseases and their families.