Job Calis (Amsterdam UMC) and Mark Hoogendoorn (VU): IMPALA

Job Calis (Amsterdam UMC) and Mark Hoogendoorn (VU): IMPALA: Innovative Monitoring system for PAediatrics in Low-resource settings: an Aid to save lives.

Each year, more than 3 million children die in poor countries. At least half of these deaths can be prevented by early recognition, before patients deteriorate. In Europe, patient monitors are used to continuously watch patients. Monitors could be especially useful in Africa, where there are many patients and only few nurses. IMPALA monitors have been developed for use in the African context using contactless sensors, robust hardware and a tablet based overview. Predictive AI driven algorithms for African children, combine patient characteristics, monitoring data and novel biomarkers in order to detect and, more importantly, predict deterioration allowing for earlier interventions and improving child survival.

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