Desi Bootsman (HvA): Mazehunter

Desi Bootsman (HvA): Mazehunter: playful learning for children with dyslexia

Mazehunter is developing a digital-physical hybrid game for children diagnosed with dyslexia, that translates innovative dyslexia treatment to an attractive and addictive game environment.

Research shows that the cooperation of the hemispheres together has a lot of influence on the processing of information. In people with dyslexia, this processing and cooperation works differently, making learning more difficult. Fortunately, this collaboration can be trained by means of eye-hand coordination assignments and the stimulation of fine motor skills.

Dyslexia is often seen as a problem, rather than a strength. Our dream is to make children with dyslexia believe in their own abilities and to work on their dyslexia in a playful way.