Pre-finalist 2021

The pre-finalists for the Innovation Award, the Amsterdam competition for innovative ideas that contribute to a better world, are now selected!

Visit the showcase pages to see each pre-finalists showcase their idea through a personal video.

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Desi Bootsman (HvA): Mazehunter

Desi Bootsman (HvA): Mazehunter: playful learning for children with dyslexia Mazehunter is developing a digital-physical hybrid game for children diagnosed with dyslexia, that translates innovative dyslexia treatment to an attractive and addictive game environment. Research shows that the cooperation of the hemispheres together has a lot of influence on the processing of information. In people […]

Jawad Essallami (HvA): Eddy Lite

Jawad Essallami (HvA): Eddy Lite The global transport makes for about 25% of our daily energy use. But what is the best way to use less energy in transport? It would help to make our vehicals lighter by using carbon composite. This is a very strong and light weight material, used more and more in […]

Joop Akerboom (HvA): Scrollbook

Joop Akerboom (HvA): Scrollbook Reading pleasure among young people is declining and it’s not that young people do not read, but they read different. Young people read a lot of short texts. What is not activated while reading short texts is the kind of concentration that is required of your brain when reading long texts, […]

Liselotte van Dijk (HvA): The Upcycle Wood Platform

Liselotte van Dijk (HvA): The Upcycle Wood Platform

Syranos Tjee (HvA): Recipe Creation

Syranos Tjee (HvA): Recipe Creation I want to do something about food waste and my idea is Recipe Creation. People often don’t know what to do with their leftovers and also often throw leftovers away, which is a shame. With Recipe Creation you can scan your leftover food and it will generates a recipe. My […]

Yuri Westplat (HvA): Prapla

Yuri Westplat (HvA): Prapla Prapla is a speech-controlled learning application for young children. With Prapla, a child learns new Dutch words and phrases, and practices proper Dutch pronunciation using a combination of speech technology and images. Lack of language skills is one of the causes of inequality in Dutch society. Building a basic vocabulary takes […]