Arnolds & Siedsma

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Since 1920, Arnold & Siedsma (A&S) has been active in the legal protection of intellectual property for both small self-employed persons and large multinationals, including inventions, trademarks and models. In addition to our offices in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium, A&S has an extensive international network of agents so that we can protect your rights anywhere in the world. A&S has more than 70 in-house technical and legal experts that are knowledgeable about virtually all major innovative sectors, from biotechnology, pharmaceuticals or mechanical engineering to copyright and software.

In respect to each of your inventions, our patent attorneys can be discussion partners through their specialist technical knowledge of our client’s specific field. Our trademark and design attorneys are the best sparring partners for all matters relating to your trademarks or the protection of the special appearance of your products. When it comes to conducting legal proceedings, for example to enforce your rights, our intellectual property lawyers can offer solutions. Our field of work extends from assessing innovations, drafting and granting patent and trademark applications, defending patent and trademark rights in the event of possible infringement, up to and including providing strategic and operational advice with regard to intellectual property.