15 years of AmSIA

In 2021 we celebrated 15 years of the Amsterdam Science & Innovation Awards. First organized in 2005 by the University of Amsterdam’s  Faculty of Sciences, Mathematics and Computer Science (FNWI) for their researchers as the Science Park Nieuwe Ideeën Prijs. Since 2013, other knowledge institutions have joined such as Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Amsterdam UMC, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences but also Netherlands Cancer Insitute and research institutes at Science Park. Since then it can rightly be called an Amsterdam Science & Innovation Award.

Inspiring diversity of topics and research area’s
Don’t get fooled by the name of this competition. The Amsterdam Science & Innovation award is an inclusive competition, open to idea’s from all research disciplines and topics. Find inspiring examples amongst past winners and former editions of AmSIA.
The video below gives an impression of 15 years of celebrating idea’s deriving from Amsterdam research.

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In 2005, Walter Hoogland (UvA) initiated a competition for new ideas at the Science Park. When he retired as dean of the Faculty of Science, The Walter Hoogland Fund had been formed. The revenues were used to stimulate new ideas and entrepreneurial initiatives.

The Science Park Nieuwe ideeën Prijs was launched, in which the fund’s revenues were used as prize money. The UvA’s Knowledge Transfer Office, later IXA, organized the competition.

Since 2012, several knowledge institutions have joined the competition and it has now grown to become an innovation competition that is open to researchers and students from all Amsterdam universities, universities of applied sciences and institutes.

In 2018, IXA initiated the Impact Award, an achievement award for researchers who have created positive impact on society with their research projects and innovations. Since then, the Amsterdam Science & Innovation Award has consisted of the Innovation Award and Impact Award.